e-legno is now a business reality among the most innovative of bathroom furniture and accessories industry.
The collection is made in a much-choice, diversified and includes: bathtubs, shower tray, washbasins and furniture for the bath area.
A production dedicated to customer needs. We produce to bespoke and exclusively to the customer.
Unique customised handmades of desire with the creativity of the most exacting clients.


The art, of woodworking to create design.

Bathtubs and washbasins our every handmade by e-legno originate from the great experience of master craftsmen who skilfully combine the old knowledge of woodworking with the advantages of modern technology.

Cedar, Okoume’ and Teak are some of the wood essences we use to manufacture our products.

Solid wood beams, skilfully woven, give birth to unique gures where design, creativity and technical ability are the support to achieve long lasting high level handicrafts.

A long production process that starts with the beam seasoning and continues through the different manufacturing stages, a mixture of re ned technology and skilled manual ability resulting in re ned products of awless manufacture.

A skilful use of special finishes, assures to our bathtubs and washbasins and our every handmade high-standard waterproof surfaces without depriving them of the design the ligneous materials provoke into your tactile and visual senses.

The craftsmanlike manufacture of our products allows us to make baths and washbasins according to the customer’s personal choice, customizing shapes and dimensions.